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Making benefits count

Changing health care regulations and rising costs are creating benefit gaps and knowledge gaps. To help you and your employees with these issues, we’ve partnered with Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company. At no direct cost to your business, Colonial Life can help you save time, fills gaps and add value to your benefits program.

Imagine the time and resources you could save with:

  • Fewer questions and hours spent educating employees about their benefits.
  • Better informed and educated employees – which means a greater appreciation for their benefits and you.
  • Better educated health care consumers – which can save costs through use of generics, saving the emergency room for emergencies, free health screenings, self-examination, living a healthier lifestyle, etc.
  • Less financial risk for employees – because voluntary benefits help fill the gaps in their medical plans and provide disability and life insurance protection as well.
  • Increased employee satisfaction and retention – which means being able to attract and retain top talent.

Enrollment Services

Colonial Life benefits counselors come to your worksite and spend one-to-one time meeting with each employee and enrolling them through Colonial Life’s own enrollment technology. Employees have the chance to confidentially review their current benefits, consider new options, and most importantly, see how their choices will affect their paycheck.

Colonial Life’s benefit counselors can also capture simple changes, such as an employee’s new address or dependent changes.

Benefits Counseling Services

Through their experienced benefits counselors, Colonial Life helps employees better understand and appreciate the value of their employer-provided benefits. They provide the following benefits education services at no direct cost to employers:

  • One-to-one benefits counseling for the total benefits program – core and voluntary benefits to help employees understand and appreciate their benefits and to help guide them through the decision-making process.
  • Group meetings for a full overview of an employer’s entire benefits program and to help employees better prepare for individual enrollment sessions.
  • Personal salary illustrations that outline employees’ benefits selections and how each affects their paychecks, ensuring they know what to expect when the first deductions are made.
  • Benefits statements for a detailed overview of employer-provided benefits and their monetary value to help employees understand the true value of their “hidden paychecks.”
  • Election forms for a detailed accounting of each employee’s selections and contributions. Also provide plan administrators a concise summary of payroll elections for easy data input and employee records.

Voluntary Benefits

Personal insurance products from Colonial Life offer a broad range of benefit options, and many can help combat the rising costs of health care. If an employee or coveredfamily member suffers a covered accident or sickness, most Colonial Life plans pay benefits directly to the insured regardless of benefits that person may receive from other insurance companies.

Your covered employees can use this money to help pay:

  • Deductibles
  • Co-pays
  • Travel to and from treatment facilities
  • Child care
  • Groceries
  • Utilities
  • Other everyday living expenses that may not be covered by your other benefit plans.

Hospital confinement indemnity insurance, critical illness insurance, cancer insurance and accident insurance insurance help fill gaps in other medical benefits. These policies also include health screening benefits to encourage early detection of specified illnesses – a key factor in recovery. For additional financial protection, employees may also apply for Colonial Life's disability insurance and life insurance.

Find Out More

For more information about Colonial Life’s products and services, contact Anneliese Clark at (904) 737-4165 or by e-mail at You may also visit Colonial Life at and


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